LED Conversion Catalog



How to choose your LED Headlight System?


F2 Series

Super Bright and highly recommended for headlights.  F2 is our #1 selling LED systems since 2016.  Proven with less than 1% defect rate.

OPTIONAL: FOG, DRL, HIGH BEAMS.  "We recommend them if you are driving in dark roads and need max light output with high focus rate"

works in most projectors headlamps,  excellent in standard reflector lamps with high focus output without distracting oncoming drivers.

Issue with some lamps with dust covers,  some slight modification must be made to fit F2 Bulbs with drivers inside lamps. 

There is the M1 Series that is designed smaller without losing the performance and about 40% smaller in size. These are recommended if you have a 2015+ Ford F150, ford Focus, some KIA- Optima / Hyundai- Elantra and a few other vehicle.  Please contact rep if you are not sure.


 P Series.      "Headlamps ONLY"

Newest product since late 2017 and is designed to work in 100% OEM projector style headlamps and 99% of aftermarket projector headlamps.  Designed smaller than the F2 Series LED with smaller fans & driver box without losing performance.  P-Series is about 30% brighter then the F2 Series depending on the lamps being used.


P-Series solves issues with Projector Headlamps in

DODGE- Ram, Durango, Charger, Challenger & MORE...    

JEEP- Grand Cherokee, Cherokee & MORE... 

CHRYSLER- 300, 200, Pacifica Touring & MORE...


J1 Series

This is our middle grade performance that is affordable and super bright.  Depending on the headlamps these might be a great solution.  We highly recommend these mainly on fog lamps without spending too much on the F2 series. 

J1 is the best bang for it's money!  VisionPRO offers a 30 day trial so you can see if they will work for what you are needing it for.

Amazing in most headlamps!  Works with 99% Fog lamps and DRL/ High Beams.  Designed small to fit most headlamps with dust covers.

Slim designed driver box with a light canbus error.  Slim Head sink without the fan design. 

Durable enough for off-road/ mud road conditions.


YZ Series

Small, Affordable, Bright!!  These are mainly used in Fog lamps with optional 4 color film covers or 6500K without any covers. 

Why the film covers?  Most people wanted the option to change to 3000K Golden Yellow for wet/ snow road condition on the fog lamps.  YZ-Series put out more coverage with the color options or able to change the colors to 3000K, 4300K, 6500K, 8000K, 10000K.

YZ-Series can work in some headlamps but highly recommended in fog lamps. 


7S Series

High performance lighting system with a built in heat sink.  Mainly used in open reflector headlamps for maximum lighting output.  Amazing in the fog lamps with the optional film covers to go 3000K Golden yellow for wet/ Snow road conditions.

These were the hottest selling LED before the F2 Series and now YZ-Series due to having the option of changing the film covers for almost half the cost.

Still a great option if you want the 3000K Golden Yellow covers with max light output compared to the YZ-Series.


M1 Series

MAX Lighting output as the F2 Series, works in some projector style headlamps and designed small enough to fit in most vehicles with dust covers such as:

2015-2019 Ford F150, Ford Focus, Kia Optima, Hyundai Elantra, sedona, sonata & MORE!

Designed so small that there is no modification needed to fit the whole conversion in your lamps.


M2 Series

Very affordable and impressive!  This is the ultimate budget LED system VisionPro carry. This will outperform any of your Ebay/Amazon LED Lights with a true hassle free warranty.  


N2 Series

Super Bright with lots of CSP LED or option for COB LED at a budget price.  Very impressive and durable fan designs.  Surprisingly works in most headlamps but the focus beam pattern isn't all that great depending on the lamps. 

Proven and loved by customers with Kia, Hyundai with and without projector designs, older Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, Carola and a few more vehicles.

Still recommended as a budget system in headlamps and highly recommended in fog lamps.



K1, T2, N1/N1S, GT, F18