9006/HB4 7S LED Conversion kit.

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    • As a Kit
    • H11 Bulb Type
    • No
    • Standard LED
    • Single Beam
    • Single Beam
    • 50 Watts
    • 5000 Lumens (for pair)
    • 3600 Lumens (for pair)
    • 8 Diodes
    • 12-24 Volts
    • 1.67 Amps @ 12 Volts | 0.83 Amps @ 24 Volts
    • 6500K
    • Easy Plug & Play

    2pc High Power LED bulbs 7S Series
    2pc detachable compact driver 
    Bulb Specific Wiring Connection (plug and play)
    The 7S Series comes in every popular style to replace any open reflector headlight or fog light bulb.  We mainly recommend these series in fog lamps and F2-Series in the headlights.  Available in 3 color option with removable color lenses "3000K, 6500K, 8000K"
    NOTICE: If your vehicle uses a CAN BUS system to operate the headlights and fog lights, you may need additional parts like an LED CANBUS module. Contact us for details if you are unsure.

    25 Watts per bulb custom CREE-Style technology LED chips.  Don't be fooled by it's low wattage, this will still outperform a 55W halogen bulb.
    Safe working temperature of up to 302 degrees Fahrenheit! Don't worry about these high-temp LED chips failing from overheating.
    360 degree adjustable mounting collar for unlimited clocking/alignment options. This will allow you to achieve the best, most perfect beam pattern.

    6063 Aluminum (135% more heat dissipation over ADC12 Aluminum)
    Integrated Heat Pipe Design with low profile integrated heat sink fan.
    Weatherproof Construction and Shock Proof, CANBUS-Compatible Driver.

    Dimming: The 7S Series bulbs dim less and less bright until they turn off at 8V DC.

    DRL: If the DRL function is lower than 8V DC, the bulbs will just not turn on at all. But if they use CANBUS or PWM at 12V DC they will work normally.

    CANBUS: Some vehicles use CANBUS function to monitor and control your headlight and fog light bulbs. The 7S Series has a slightly larger LED driver than normal because the CANBUS anti-flicker and anti-error circuitry is built in! No external components should be needed to install these bulbs with a CANBUS-Equipped vehicle.
    Easy plug and play installation.

    2018 Tacoma "7S Series Fog, F2 Series Headlights"
    2017 Toyota 4Runner "7S Series Fog with 3,000K Covers"2017 Ram 3500 "7S LED Fog with 3000K Covers"