Dodge Ram / Mini Cooper H/L Error Code Eliminators

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Details & Product Specs

These High / Low Error Code Eliminators are designed for the 2002-2014 Dodge Ram with factory 9007 or H13 Halogen bulbs and the Mini Cooper with the H13 halogen bulbs.

When converting to HID many of the Rams/Mini's will flicker without the use of resistors. These adaptors use 4 resistors to prevent flickering that occurs on the low beam or high beam function. Sold as a Pair

Common Applications:
Dodge Ram (2002 - early 2007)
100 Ohm / 25W (most common)
8 Ohm / 50W

Dodge Ram (Late 2007-2014)
8 Ohm / 50W (most common)
100 Ohm / 25W

Mini Cooper (All H13 Applications)
8 Ohm / 50W

Our plug and play Error Code Eliminators do not require cutting or splicing into the factory wiring harness.

1 Year Warranty